Reproducing A Reproduction Of A Reproduction Of An Image

The technical process of this project started off with a total blanc paper sheet. Through mutilating, repairing (by hand), reproducing (with all-in-one-printer), destructing (by tearing) and once again reproducing (with all-in-one-printer) of the original material - a new image was born.

Mountains don't reproduce like species do. They arise due to movements of the earth layers (towards and from apart). It takes millions of years to form mountains. The current mountains were formed millions of years ago and new ones will be visible over millions years. Living species exist due to reproduction and passing on dna their dna codes. Without those dna codes the human species or other living form on earth wouldn’t survive. Images can also be reproduced; either in physical form or in digital form. By sharing and printing the images can survive, maybe forever.

It takes years to form mountains, it takes nine months to  form new human live. It takes minutes to reproduce a reproduction of a reproduction of an image. It takes seconds to copy that image.


Digital scan of reproduction

.jpeg format
393 kilobyte
895 x 627 pixels

Image of the physical reproduction
80 grams
210 x 297 mm

'Reproducing A Reproduction of a Reproduction of an Image' (2021)